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Northern Tale 4 for iPhone

Ragnar's kingdom is in danger again!
A huge army of black knights, witches and giants approaches his lands corrupting everything in its path. Ragnar calls his friends to arms and moves out to fight the evil to end this struggle once and for all.
The 4th installment of your favorite resource-management series awaits! The most epic of Ragnar's adventures! New fascinating locations to explore! Unravel the web of intrigues against the vikings and bring peace to their lands!
Screenshot № 1. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website Screenshot № 2. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website Screenshot № 3. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website Screenshot № 4. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website Screenshot № 5. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website Screenshot № 6. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website Screenshot № 7. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website Screenshot № 8. Download Northern Tale 4 and more games from Realore website

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CPU: 1,5 Ghz RAM: 2 Gb Hard drive space: 700 MB Video card: 512 MB DirectX: 9.0
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Leigh 30.05.2018 01:22:25
How do I fee 5 mermaids?
sherriri2 04.07.2015 03:24:39
Google play hello what's taking so long
Bodica 22.06.2015 18:15:07
I loved other Northern Tale games, but 4 just isn't much fun. It is just too hard. I don't mind a challenge, took me several games to get through 3 winning all games. I don't mind playing the same level 8 or 10 times, but after that? When you are almost out of time, and there are no more resources, you get a demand for 25 food and 25 gold? I know I will never spend six hours trying to win one game.. Oh yeah, I already did that too.
citrouille 21.05.2015 15:45:46
comment puis payer les jeux, ma monnaie est l euro et pas le dollar?
Google 12.05.2015 21:46:32
where is 4 for goigle 12.05.2015 21:45:43
When will goigle play get 4?
Ann 23.03.2015 17:55:24
I would really like a synopsis of the rules or guidelines. I don't know what ids required on some of the levels for stars or achievements and cannot find any place that helps.
Tabitha 05.03.2015 23:11:03
How do I free 5 mermaids? I've done level 8 like over 5 times and that doesn't seem to get me the achievement
dstepp 30.04.2015 17:48:18
level 34 will do it
mimmi7613 08.11.2014 12:07:18
No new PC games?
Gaye 24.10.2014 22:08:50
for the life of me I cannot get 3 stars on level 22 I have tried everything! It would be so great if there was a walkthrough that actually helped for this I see videos on youtube for almost all the levels except this one and it's driving me nuts I've been attempting this level for 6 hours straight I said nothing works. Please someone give me some helpful hints for this level PLEASE!!!!
Polly57 25.09.2014 20:49:38
Any help on level 33 would be appreciated, it's driving me nuts! I've tried several different combinations, but always run out of time at the last post!
Kitty 15.09.2014 14:00:39
Would love to have this for the Mac, they just don't come fast enough, I love this series and would love to have 4 please make this for Mac users too thank you
puma960934 13.09.2014 17:30:30
ANybody have a walkthrough to get 3 stars on level 13. I have tried several times, no joy!
sweetgabrielle 20.08.2014 17:44:58
I have 3 stars on all the 45 levels and have found all hidden objects but I don't have any levels after level 45 and am missing 2 hidden ojects that are on level 47 and 49 but those levels are not showing up in my game. What am I missing? Can anyone help me figure out how to get level 46?
puma960934 13.09.2014 17:31:41
Any help on level 13? I can't get 3 stars for anything.
Michelle 20.08.2014 18:45:51
Level 46 is bonus level 1
Michelle 20.08.2014 17:02:46
On what levels can you catch fish?
Sin 15.10.2014 17:37:28
Did you find the levels to catch fish on? I'm still looking?
sin 15.10.2014 17:37:28
level 38 is one of them
gen 10.08.2014 01:21:33
I am missing one secret achievement anyone know where a list of achievements are?
lisa 20.08.2014 22:57:26
So far I've found: Game has started Don't click anything for 30 seconds 3 minutes without a bonus Thor's Hammer All hamsters found Click on an achievement Ring the bell 3 times (level 24, ring tower bell 3 times) I'm still missing a bonus but I don't know what it is!
lisa 20.08.2014 22:57:26
Found the last one - level 17, click the window 3 times. The window is on the tower on the left side of your screen.
mikka 20.08.2014 22:57:26
Click 3 times on the windows (level 16 or 17)
marlee 20.08.2014 21:35:02
missing two secret achievemnts - where's the list?!?!
mikka 20.08.2014 21:35:02
Click 3 times on the windows (level 16 or 17)
Dibbes 07.08.2014 17:04:06
Found it. Level 49 is bonus level 4!!!!
Darleen 04.08.2014 01:10:25
On level 33 you're supposed to break two totems. I can only find ONE. It's in the middle of the screen near the bottom. Where's the other one?
mkt 07.08.2014 13:43:01
after you finish the bottom path near the centre it opens up revealing the totem
Darleen 04.08.2014 01:25:46
Never mind. I was so busy looking for the totem I completely missed the pile of stuff in front of the shell. duh.
Moi 03.08.2014 21:41:27
Level 34, where the guys kept getting caught in seaweed. How in the heck do I free them???
Darleen 06.08.2014 05:28:55
click on him as fast as you can.
Evi 02.08.2014 03:00:22
Hooray ! 45 episode = 3 stars
christine 18.08.2014 17:37:08
comment t'as réussi à passer le niveau 45 avec 3 étoiles ? j'arrive pas à faire manger le géant autant de fois....;
balkamaxe 18.08.2014 17:37:08
Il faut le faire re-manger avant la fin du sablier
Debbie3251 25.07.2014 10:24:04
I can't get 3 stars on level 44 to save my life.
log in 23.07.2014 15:02:14
I downloaded it than bought it and it wants me to log in but there is no log in box
Rabenschrey 19.07.2014 14:42:07
Level 49 = Bonus Level 4
saif 19.07.2014 19:37:05
do u have their promo code?? to play full version?
Dean 18.07.2014 21:03:22
First of all, I love the series Northern Tale, When in Rome and Viking Saga ... Realore, THANK YOU so very much for the time, energy, creativity and FUN you put into these games. Now, has anyone any idea how to get 3 stars for Level 24 and Level 45 in Northern Tale 4? For the life of me, I have tried and tried and tried. Next, also in Northern Tale 4, Gesta's staff says it is located in Level 49 and there is no level 49. Since this is a new game, are these glitches that need to be addressed, or are there easy solutions? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU once again.
derek 04.12.2014 21:21:40
level 49 is the 4th bonus level ok have fun
Quiggly 04.08.2014 09:11:39
The bonus levels are 1 (level 46) 2 (level 47) etc. Gesta's staff is in the pond in the middle of the screen, after you light all of the lanterns. Now, can someone tell me what the secret achievements are?
thanos 19.07.2014 18:27:36
I have the same problem with lvl 24. No idea what I should do. Any help would be welcomed
gec 19.07.2014 18:27:36
I agree with gen - build up the food to 3 and just utilize 2 men - don't build the base to 3 because you will not have enough wood. (Repair the bridge before building up the food to the 3rd level though). Leave the first witch horse alone. Also, until you start going up the right side, use the bonus - plus 1 as much as possible for wood. Otherwise you won't have enough to build the 2 bridges and fill the large hole. When you get up the right side - then time to use the running bonus. (The guy at the end doesn't run no matter what - UGH!!) He's slow as frozen molasses.
gen 19.07.2014 18:27:36
Level 24 is tough, I had to do it a number of times. The key is to build up the food as much as possible, dont take care of the first witch horse. Use the plus one on your gold. Leave the giant for a little later and take care of some of the other stuff first. Take out the catapult as soon as possible. The food and gold supply is what kept hanging me up/. Hope that helps.
captainsherry 04.07.2014 21:44:23
I love this series and the Viking one too. I just don't understand why there is a set limit on the amount of food, wood and gold you can collect (20) when the warehouse is not always provided, yet there are plenty of sources of supplies. What is the point?
Bodybuiler 09.07.2014 10:16:38
Do you even lift?