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Divine Academy for iPhone

Ever wondered what it's like to be almighty?..

Become a Greek god!

Cast miracles! Make people worship you! All these things are now possible with the release of a brand new sim game Divine Academy.

Become a student of the university for young gods. Study from the likes of Hercules, Zeus and Athena. Learn to cast fun and impressive miracles that will make you feel really powerful.

Build your prosperous metropolis

Build a safe and prosperous metropolis to get your friends to envy your success. Give your worshipers gifts of knowledge and technology. Oversee their happiness and gain their love and adoration in return.

All this fun will take place on a painstakingly beautiful southern island – your own sandbox where everything goes according to your plan. In Divine Academy you rule, you awe and inspire!


  • Learn from ancient gods and become one of them
  • Transform your settlement into a prosperous metropolis
  • Cast miracles to create and destroy things
  • Construct epic buildings
  • Meet the cast of charismatic and quirky characters
  • Experience amazing atmosphere of ancient Greek island
If you have any questions about the qame you can find the answers here.
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Get it for iPad

101 mb
Require iOS
6.0 and later
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Get it for iPhone

101 mb
Require iOS
6.0 and later
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Get it for Windows 8

180 -360 mb
8.1 or later
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Get it for Android

191 mb
Require Android
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Tanya 18.07.2015 01:08:30
Hey Realore, when this comes out on big fish for PC, will it be a collectors edition?
Deborah 17.07.2015 17:54:58
Update of game on iPad has stopped my game from starting up- any suggestions?
Lorna 15.07.2015 15:27:41
Hello, Any word on Divine Academy PC release yet???
Realore 15.07.2015 15:54:53
The Big Fish version should be released this month, and the Windows Store this summer!
Lorna 15.07.2015 15:54:53
Thank you for the update! Much appreciated!
13.07.2015 16:22:51
Arlene 11.07.2015 02:29:08
There seem to be a lot of good questions here but nobody seems to have any answers What a waste
Realore 13.07.2015 17:45:15
Dear Arlene! For gameplay solution, please visit our Facebook page: For other issues, please contact our support team via this link:
Arlene 10.07.2015 19:38:59
How do I get rid of the harpies. Lightening bolt doesn't seem to work?
احلا مسلسل فى كوريا تزوجينى يا مارى 10.07.2015 08:17:53
لعبة جميلة
Tina 06.07.2015 20:03:01
How do I use the stoorage? I don't understand it?
Jan 02.07.2015 22:41:21
Thanks, Realore. I just posted my question about Hades Task and your response at the facebook site. For those of you who havent been there, there are several game solution questions/answers out there already.
abeer 01.07.2015 19:44:54
Lana 30.06.2015 15:14:37
How do you put things like bread wood and scrolls into storage? Thanks!
Realore 01.07.2015 10:31:35
Hello! For gameplay solution, please visit our Facebook page:
Tina 01.07.2015 10:31:35
I have the same question, I have visited Facebook page but found no answer.
Jan 30.06.2015 00:46:52
Has anyone completed Hades Test and found the artifact? What has to be completed to do that? I have built the University and studied all the sciences. I'm pretty much maxed out on resources and the Magistrate upgrade just says "coming soon" ?????
Realore 30.06.2015 10:24:13
Hello! For gameplay solution, please visit our Facebook page:
Lorna 25.06.2015 21:50:37
Hey Realore, I know you keep saying "soon" for the PC release, but you must have an idea of what month it will be out? Please can you give us something??
Patricia 26.06.2015 00:37:38
I was just coming here with that same question! A month would be great! Soon is just too vague. If you have a deal with Big Fish, then you have some idea of it's release date.
Realore 26.06.2015 00:37:38
It's on beta-test now. I think, this Summer we'll get the stable version!
Patricia 04.07.2015 20:24:30
It is summer, lol. ;) Is there anyway we can get an invite to Beta Test?
Meloney 25.06.2015 18:10:21
Can anyone send gifts. I press the gift icon and nothing happens
Amanda 25.06.2015 12:18:48
How do I increase my bread storage it says I need 1800 to upgrade magistrate but I can only hold 1200 please help?
JA 24.06.2015 20:51:57
Sarah - I have the same issue, Stone in port that I cannot collect. I was hoping something would come along in an advanced level that required some stone to build, but nothing as of Level 33 that I can find. I need help as well.
Realore 25.06.2015 15:10:22
Hello! Please contact our support team via this link:
Sarah 23.06.2015 22:30:11
I have created the port and I ordered a bunch of stone, and have now filled my capacity of stone for my warehouses. However, there is still stone st the port that I cannot collect as I couldn't collect it all because I was full. But I can't buy anything that uses stone because I already bought it all, so basically I am stuck and am unable to put any more port orders through. And I can't progress through my tasks without making more port orders...can someone help? Thanks.
Realore 25.06.2015 15:09:43
Hi! Please contact our support team via this link:
Olga 22.06.2015 10:02:54
How do I add a friend to the game, If I don't have friends in Facebook?
Realore 22.06.2015 15:59:31
Hello! Unfortunately, the only way to add a friend - is to connect Facebook account.
Veronica 22.06.2015 15:59:31
I have connected my facebook account and have added friends who play but I can't seem to get them to show in the game. I have even tried directly inviting them. It is very frustrating.
abdulmaje 18.06.2015 14:43:41
habib 17.06.2015 14:47:20
Derek Murray 17.06.2015 10:11:37
Tried to play game but it keeps saying there is an unexpected error on facebook and gets stuck on loading screen
Realore 22.06.2015 15:58:43
Hi! Please contact our support team via this link:
Ireti Osinubi 15.06.2015 10:27:05
Hi I'm at the beginning how do I pass the expanding borders quest and how do I get the artifact to pass this stage as I've done everything else and now I've been stuck for a week
Realore 16.06.2015 12:47:23
Hello! For gameplay issues, please visit our Facebook page:
Felicity 13.06.2015 14:34:35
How do complete the lava runes set from fire elementals?
Jessie 11.06.2015 16:03:44
Hi Realore, Been waiting for a release date for this game for PC, do you have one yet? Reply
Realore 16.06.2015 11:25:10
Hello! Unfortunately, we don't have the date. But it should be ready soon :)
Patricia 16.06.2015 11:25:10
Soon, as in June... July... August...?
Jessie 29.06.2015 18:00:11
That is my question to!! Come on realore, give us a date
Erika 11.06.2015 12:00:37
How do I drive away the harpies for Cassandra's quest? Upgraded lightning but I can't do anything to make them come out.
Lana 10.06.2015 15:57:30
I have contacted support, but have never heard back. Its been over a week. My game crashed, it put me back at level 1. I had spent real money in the game & would like someone to contact me. I understand that they might not be able to get my game back, but I would like the crystals that I had spent real money on back. I can prove it with my itunes receipt if necessary.
lana 16.06.2015 06:09:05
I am unable to upgrade the magistrate without the game crashing and giving me this error. It's been almost 3 weeks that the game crashed & I lost all my progress & in-game purchases (ticket # NBN-798-23511) that still, even after submitting receipts, have yet to be given back. I started a fresh game & now I'm at a stop due to this error. I reported it earlier, but then my ticket disappeared & it still is crashing. The ticket for the error was RZX-661-23179. I would appreciate some idea on when my tickets will be answered since I never did see the NBN ticket on here & the RZX ticket disappeared. Just an FYI, I should have been given 4498 crystals & a divine garden back with the first ticket - I purchased the Lucky Gardener (1850 + a bonus of 378 & a divine garden), a bag of crystals (1850) and a handful (420). I had already accumulated over 500 crystals after restarting, so that should not be counted because that was after I lost my purchases. I enjoy the game & have no problem spending real money on it, except when I'm cheated. So I would like an answer to both of these tickets ASAP. And Please do not tell me to check my spam or see if I put the right email in, I have.
Realore 10.06.2015 16:13:03
Please, specify your ticket ID. Our support team always replies the tickets in 1-48 hours.
Lana 10.06.2015 16:13:03
I reported it in-game & on the support website from my PC, but never received a ticket number. It just stated that my problem had be reported
Lana 10.06.2015 18:21:13
On 6/8 I sent proof of my in-game purchases and what level I was on, but still never received a reply or ticket number
Realore 11.06.2015 09:56:39
Probably, you have entered the incorrect email address. Please, try to send the request again and then check your email!
Kerrie 09.06.2015 12:17:40
How do you get items for harpies treasure set?
Jessie 09.06.2015 05:07:49
Hi Realore, Been waiting for a release date for this game for PC, do you have one yet?
Kat 08.06.2015 14:00:27
I'm level 7 and I'm stuck the quest rant coming up and I can't do anything more till I upgrade the main building pls help
Zaza 08.06.2015 10:57:01
I have finished the quest worshiping god and wisdom of the god. Which character is supposed to give us the new world quest ? If this is the one that is asking me to purchase the statue of Athena (13.500 gold, i can't, i am stuck at 9000), can this character offer me 2 quest at the time ??? (Statue of Athena + New World quest). If not there is a problem in this game.
Zaza 08.06.2015 13:13:29
I did well received their message, and here is my answer. I post it here too, in case some players got the same problem. I will post the solution if there is one :-) Hello helpers ! Here are my remaining quests : - Daily quests : Daily assignments / Feast of feasts / Friendship set - Others quests : Lessons of Mythology Athena (requires 13.500 gold, stuck at 9.000 gold storage). / Wood harvesting / Mill Here are the sciences already studied : - rituals / ritual dance / worshiping gods / wisdom of the gods - construction / storing / education / literature / mathematics / gardening / roads / timber lumbering / power of the wind (studying this one, more than 1 day left) It is too bad to be stuck at this point. I got nothing to do except waiting day after day the study of secondary sciences. All my building are up at the maximum. Kind regards, Zaza Envoyé de mon iPad Le 8 juin 2015 à 11:46, Realore Support 2 a écrit : Hello! Please specify what quests have you now? Best regards, Realore Technical Support team
Realore 08.06.2015 12:31:27
Hello, Zaza! As you have contacted our support team, we are checking your issue. You ticket № is IWD-954-53522.
OzAngel 06.06.2015 05:55:32
I have a house that just keeps burning no matter how often I use the spell for rain. How do I put is out?
Realore 08.06.2015 12:07:31
Hello! Please contact our support team via the game feature.
Tanya 02.06.2015 22:34:07
What date will this be released for PC? This month, or next month or longer?
Patricia 03.06.2015 02:05:15
I had the same question! I left BFG for awhile and my remaining credits expire in 180 days.
Realore 03.06.2015 02:05:15
Very soon. It will be available on BFG and Windows 8 store.
Tanya 06.06.2015 00:35:58
Ohh maybe tomorrow then lol:)
Patricia 18.06.2015 00:54:10
As always, nice and vague!
JA 02.06.2015 14:30:28
New World quest will come after you complete the Science of both Worshiping Gods and Wisdom of Gods
Erin 31.05.2015 23:52:33
I am getting fed up too. What is the 'new world' quest? Getting a bit repetitive
Realore 01.06.2015 10:37:12
Hello! Please check our FAQ (you need question 25)
Trish 31.05.2015 13:55:22
Everyone is asking how to get into new world quest and you never answer. I tried on FB and can find nothing there. PLEASE can you help us
Laurie 31.05.2015 23:32:26
I tried here and facebook as well for information. I'm beginning to think I need to just delete it from my iPad.
Realore 31.05.2015 23:32:26
Hello! Please check our FAQ (you need question 25)
Laurie 31.05.2015 12:13:45
How do I get the spheres to complete second phase library restoration?
Erin 31.05.2015 23:53:33
It's in spells
Dan 29.05.2015 18:31:11
Does anyone know how to unlock the new world quest. I've been stuck for a week conpleting other quest hoping to get the new world one Thanks
Allegra 29.05.2015 17:41:27
I am so hooked on this game!!! I'm stuck at the moment do I activate the gold obelisk and how can I buy more gold? It goes aganst every shred of my being, spending money on in app game purchases but I'm so addicted!!!
Realore 29.05.2015 18:29:14
Hello! You may get gold coins during playing the game :) To activate obelisk just press on it. P.S.: You may ask any questions on our Facebook page:
Jessie 26.05.2015 15:32:08
Hello Realore, When can we expect to see this game on PC?
Realore 27.05.2015 10:44:31
Hello, Jessie! It will be released on Facebook and on BFG soon :)
Jessie 27.05.2015 10:44:31
Hi Realore again:) So, will not be a downloaded PC game? Or will it be like a online type of game?
Realore 28.05.2015 14:03:16
It will be downloaded PC game (by Big Fish Games and Windows 8 store) and in 2016 it will be online (like FarmUp Social on Facebook)
Patricia 03.06.2015 02:04:15
Looking forward to a PC version! ETA of the BFG release?! I have credits just waiting to be spent!
Ellie 19.05.2015 20:45:26
How do I get the task 'expanding the borders' ?
Realore 20.05.2015 11:33:52
Hello, Ellie! To get gameplay advice, please visit our Facebook page:
HABEBA 19.05.2015 17:31:20
واو انها لعبة مشوقة جداااااااااااااااااااااااااا
HABEBA 19.05.2015 17:32:43
اتمنا ان العبها مرة
Kerry 17.05.2015 06:20:54
I just started the game. When I explored the ruin a ghost came out. Now I can do nothing!! The game is running, but when I touch the screen, nothing happens!! Help!!!
Realore 19.05.2015 18:18:34
Hello! Please contact our support team via "Support" feature in the game.
Realore 14.05.2015 18:19:26
The game is released to the worldwide! Everyone can get it for free on the appstore now :)
Travis 13.05.2015 13:11:40
I can't get anything more without spending more cash for gems. How do I get the new world quest?
Edwin 01.05.2015 18:02:41
since I can't get any answers I think I will remove the game soon.
Realore 19.05.2015 18:17:31
Hello! To get an answers, please contact our support team via "Support" feature in the game.
Edwin 29.04.2015 10:10:53
Hi I would like to ask what I need to do to open up the new world quest? I have already update the game but I am still unable to activate the new world quest
Edwin 27.04.2015 02:02:04
What do I need to do to open the new world quest?
Balefulregards 25.04.2015 04:15:32
When I go to the Apple Store, this game is not listed.
Realore 28.04.2015 10:53:40
It's not released for worldwide yet. You can contact us via "Support" and get a free redeem code to install the game.
Kirsty 12.04.2015 14:37:18
I've spent a lot of time on this game now it won't load at 67% totally devestated
Miranda 09.04.2015 10:23:43
Can't get this to load. Continues to be stuck on update at 67%
Michael 07.04.2015 12:32:54
My game Divine Academy will not load. It wont load past the V in Divine. Will be pissed if this cant be rectified as I was at level 18 or 19 and level 16 Happiness. How can i recover my game???
support 07.04.2015 14:05:06
Hi, Michael! Our team has contacted you on Facebook. Please, check it :)
Anna 03.04.2015 03:58:48
why are so many games available on the ipad but not on the mac ?
Michael 02.04.2015 08:22:53
When can we expand on Divine Academy, i feel like i am stuck and cant go any further????
support 07.04.2015 14:05:53
The new lands will be available after the update!
Honey 01.04.2015 02:48:39
Adelantado 3 keeps crashing! Help!!!!!!!!
Realore 01.04.2015 10:06:16
Hello, Honey! Please contact us via the "Support" feature in the game
Robyn 30.03.2015 01:35:05
Ok, the first quarter of 2015 is quickly coming to a close and we are still patiently waiting for the game to be released in the US... Please?!
support 07.04.2015 15:28:13
You can contact us over "Support" feature and get a free redeem code to get the game even you are in USA.
David 29.03.2015 21:53:27
When can I play divine academy on my phone
Cr8zyC8tL8dy 22.03.2015 16:29:26
Any update on when this will be released for Android devices?
Realore 30.03.2015 09:26:53
Hi, Cr8zyC8tL8dy! We have only iPad version now. Follow the news here or on the Facebook. Thank you! :)
Cr8zyC8tL8dy 07.03.2015 22:15:24
Hi, when will this be released for either PC or Android. Thank you.
Lamm 27.02.2015 23:41:38
Level 24, ruined tower and mysterious cave have disappeared. Please help. Thank you.
Loolou 24.02.2015 00:12:59
How do I get brick resources to build houses, can't find how to do this?
iulia 19.02.2015 08:39:34
e t6are games
Sabrina 09.02.2015 16:59:49
When will it be available for Switzerland and Android?
support 11.02.2015 11:34:05
It will be released for the worldwide soon.
Gabriele 07.02.2015 15:45:26
Seems as if Realore has forgotten the pc users ... the ones who supportet them earlier
Realore 18.02.2015 10:37:24
Hello! We have some new projects for mobile devices, but we also have some new games for PC! Just watch for the news :D
loubna karan 04.02.2015 04:04:39
Denise 02.02.2015 01:47:14
I've been waiting for this game to come to the U.S. I read that it will release in the first quarter of 2015. Does anyone have any idea how long that will be. I'm excited to start. I like relore games. :) hurry please. Really needing a new game to play.
Jac 29.01.2015 04:49:04
Same here! Are we waiting for an update? I'm not getting any new quests. Bit frustrating! Otherwise, love the game.
Amanda 29.01.2015 13:02:16
I have now uninstalled the game. I could put up with it always crashing but not when I used heaps of resources and gems to built an estate only to have it crash and restart without the estate but all the resources gone. No more
support 29.01.2015 13:02:16
Hello, Amanda! Please contact us via the "Support" feature in the game.
Loulou 28.01.2015 05:37:23
What do I need to do to complete the new world quest and open up other areas? I have run out of space!
Gazz 21.03.2015 19:34:10
Hey Support! Give us an answer. Are you not responding to the new world queries because there IS no new world quest yet? How. Do. You. Open. Up. The. Quest!!!!!
Friend 21.03.2015 19:34:10
The best way to contact support - is to use "Support" button. Yours Captain Obvious.
Debz 18.03.2015 23:35:44
I'm still waiting for the 'New World" quest. I've run out of space to build anything new!
Gazz 08.02.2015 09:48:02
Yeah, what's the deal? How do we unlock the new world quest? I've got everything maxed out and am running out of space! Starting to get bored...
Amanda 28.01.2015 12:48:54
I am in the same boat, I also don't know how to get stone to build the bigger houses
GAY_POWER 16.01.2015 16:46:35
Ares seems so ruthless, i like people with power.... Damn, Realore, I WANT IT NOW!!
GAY_POWER 16.01.2015 16:32:53
I am waiting for this game so much... This Zeus is so attractive...omg...........
Robyn 15.01.2015 10:52:02
Please, please make this available to the US!
Support 23.12.2014 11:10:50
Friends! Now the game is available for some new countries: Republic of South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.
Esther 16.12.2014 21:11:02
When will it be released in the Netherlands?
sam 13.12.2014 23:03:33
when will this be available in the US?
support 15.12.2014 17:01:33
We are going to release it in the first quarter of 2015!
Kk 20.11.2014 18:39:19
Be quick!!! Can't wait !!!!!
Support 09.12.2014 11:42:07
You can get the game in the Appstore for Australia, Singapore and New Zealand!