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Download games for iPad today!

With Realore free iPad games download is fast, safe and easy! Just pick a game you would like to play today, click on its icon or title then hit the “GET IT” button and you will be automaticaly transfered to the appropriate AppStore page. We are proud to let you try some of our best time-management and strategy titles for free as well as enjoy full games with no price tag on them at all!

The future of mobile games is now!

In the past couple of years tablets have become the dominant mobile gaming device around the worlds. They are portable, convenient, stylish and multi-functional. We browse the web, shop, read and, of course, play games on our tablets. iPads are the longest existing of these devices on the market and so far the most popular.

As both developers and gamers we are excited about all the possibilities this platform opens for games!

What’s not to like? Games for iPad look great, the convinience of its huge and hi-resolution display makes playing on this device a blast! No wonder so many of the best casual games are first released on iPads these days.

A simple touch that changes everything!

Touch controls open up new possibilities for game creators to bring you fun and exciting gaming experience. All these little swipes, taps and pinch moves that you regularry perform using your iPad transformed the whole industry. Realore is proud to be a part of these changes with an array of titles designed specifically with touch controls in mind. For your entertainment we developed a whole bunch of awesome free and paid games available for you to play on your iPad. Tap to plant the seeds of apple trees in Farm Up, swipe to control trains racing at ultra-sonic speed in Jet Trains, or even create miracles with your own hands with All My Gods!

The best thing about online games for iPad is that you can play them with friends. Just connect to a network of people you like via facebook or gamecenter and have fun together. You can compete, help each other out or do both. Everything gets better with a group of good friends by your side and games are not the exception.