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Warhunger Soft-launched in Australia

Want to try out Realore's brand new strategy title?

Head on to the Australian AppStore! We have just soft-launched Warhunger – a mobile strategy game set in the original fantasy universe.

Warhunger lets you play as a general of either humans or the alliance of demons and the undead. Your task is to build a mighty castle, protect it with huge cannons and secret traps, train your army and fight the enemy. Each race has a powerful hero leading the armies. These strong units can perform special attacks and increase their stats to become even more powerful. The game features a tactical map that shows the balance of power in the fantasy kingdom. Destroy enemy castles or capture them to make them into your cities that bring you taxes. The graphics of the game gives it a painterly look and makes you appreciate the atmosphere of Warhunger's fantasy universe.

For now the game is available on iPad but as soon as the soft launch is over we will bring it to other devices. Warhunger is free to download, so make sure to take a peek at our new game and let us know what you think about it.


yifan sun 24.06.2015 08:00:14
I 'm really looking forward to this game. I think the graphic work to be very well. Besides the graph, the strategy, the heroic system and all other advantages of this game, I think I would be more satisfied if both factions story can be experienced. For example, I can play the bright side in "daytime" and dark side in the "night" (maybe it is better if the "daytime" and "night" could be controlled by the player). If the similar model is used for both sides, or, maybe, the building can change its form from "dark" to "bright" or the other way around. For the simplest case, there could be a "channel" between the fractions to realize the visit to them both. I don't know if it is hard to realized, I just say what I m thinking~ Best wishes to Realore!!