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Farm Up Infographic

For two years Farm UP has managed to retain the attention of millions of active users all over the world having gained the biggest popularity in the regions such as North America, Europe and Asia!
The impressive number 1 110 000 indicates gamers involved in planting vegetables, fruit and grain in Farm Up monthly. Another achievement is that Farm UP ranks high in all three leading mobile platforms, iOS, Android and Windows, occupying top positions. Have a look at our infographic to learn more!


Nikia Boykin 18.07.2015 02:19:52
This is the second time I have had an issue with this game. And support takes its merry time. I have been waiting since Monday for a credit of 450 coins and 45000 money to my account. My card was charged but the game says Async fail. Kayako keeps emailing me one question at a time like they are avoiding helping me. I really like this game and I feel like they are using that to their advantage. The last time I had a issue I had to uninstall the game however support failed to mention I would lose where I left off...they should set this game up to save and monitor your progress on facebook so that this doesn't happen. I am so upset and irritated. It should take 5 days for any place of business to resolve and issue when they have received the has a gift card code option how hard is it to give a girl and gift card code so she can monitor her farm?????? :(
wes 10.07.2015 16:00:55
where is grandpa?
Celeste. 28.06.2015 17:04:39
I don't have coins
lenea 08.06.2015 19:30:19
Everytime I play this game it keep crashin on me I have a nokia Lumia 630 and it wont play all the way and I really do like this game so do u think u can fix it plz
Realore 09.06.2015 11:38:55
Hello, lenea! Please contact our support team via the game feature or by this link:
LudmilaParalova 09.05.2015 07:01:08
nejde mi sesbírat med.Co s tím?
Charlotte Jeffries 17.04.2015 03:27:04
I was in 20 some odd levels when the game crashed I guess. This is the third time I have requested for you to reload my game to where I was. I loved playing this game one of my favorites. Why doesn't someone answer my questions or fix for me.
Caddy 31.03.2015 13:27:04
Was wondering if Grandma could at least spend some time at her own house. I spent a lot of time fixing it up for her and she won't even go see it.
Gill 23.03.2015 13:00:01
Please would you fast track up-dates for the PC version. I have played the game from the start, am totally addicted and play my pc and tablet version simultaneously - great fun !!! BUT the tablet has had 2 updates and none on the pc version which I have played longest - have been through all the crashes and simply started over. I will also continue to purchase (my pc version via Big Fish) as this has enabled me to play for 2 YEARS now - now that is value for money - thanks Realore !! Please let us have pc updates though as I have not yet managed to finish the game and would love to get there and have no doubt that I will start all over again when I finish as the up-dates keep things new and interesting. Thanks again for an AWESOME game
teri 14.03.2015 03:45:17
are there guides for this game I need friend coins but don't know how to get them
Janette 13.03.2015 11:58:45
What are the keys for. I have over 500.
caddy 03.03.2015 14:24:14
Since we buy things from the store on different tabs, ie. Seedlings, berries, trees, why do we have to sell them from one big pile in the barn? They should have a tab in the barn for each factory and animal type. It be a lot easier to see what you own and have excesses of.
Janet 03.03.2015 11:45:17
Can't send orders on world map since the update in February
caddy 02.03.2015 19:54:18
Thank God X-mas is Over!!!!
Dominique 24.02.2015 19:37:32
My game has froze I'm almost on level 26 , and i can not use my screen . when it was working i was still having problems with the store apps disappearing . I really like this game and have pumped a lot of money into it can any one tell me how to fix this without losing any of my progress?
Lee 22.02.2015 19:30:47
Latest update crashes when trying to send orders on the world map.
Maribel 10.02.2015 11:03:11
Bonjour à tous, j'adore ce jeu aussi, mais je n'ai pas de voisins, qui accepterait de devenir mon ami pour jouer et s'entraider dans le jeu Farm Up ?
sandra 28.03.2015 21:34:19
Je veux bien mais je n'ai pas Facebook
Émilie 31.01.2015 18:59:58
j'adore ce jeu
Maribel 13.02.2015 09:29:18
veux-tu être mon amie dans le jeu Farm Up ?
sand 20.01.2015 16:32:45
I can't complete the quests. When one is about to be finished the game crashes and when you reopen, it has gone back in time a minute or two. How do you fix it? This game worked well on my computer and tablet but not on the Nokia Lumina 530!
help 19.12.2014 17:52:51
Estou tentando baixar o jogo farm up a varios dia e sempre da algum erro quase no final do dowload. Tenho um galaxi s 2 e tento baixar pelo play store. Me ajudem, quero muito este jogo. Grata.
qtpi 29.11.2014 23:01:48
Yes this is a great game but why don't you pay attention to your players. The latest update has had so many bad reviews that most savvy players didn't update. I strongly suggest that you undo this gross mistake and come up with better ideas next time.
amin 29.11.2014 22:08:24
Hello It's good game. But everytime crashed whit windows phone 8.1 Nokia Lumia 625. Please please fixed fast. Tanks you.
Ando 21.11.2014 09:01:04
Sul mio Windows Phone 8.1 /nokia lumina 720/ non cela faccio a scaricare. Perché?
Cally 15.11.2014 16:15:13
Happy Birthday! Love the game but my shop crashed with the latest update so I haven't been able to celebrate. :(. Now ll I can do is feed the animals and that's about it, I can't plant anything.
Sally Santiago 15.11.2014 01:57:28
You forgot Grandpa in the family group. Glad to hear another farmer is coming:) How about more land to purchase and farm?
teeadenn 20.06.2015 05:27:01
yes we need more land!
Trozodecielo 10.02.2015 11:53:01
D'accord avec toi Sally, accepterais-tu de devenir ma voisine dans le jeu Farm Up ?